Quality control

Quality assurance implies 6 main aspects

1. We only offer DNA tests that have a sound scientific publication

2. All our equipment is kept in technical state of the art and examined by an external service company

3. All stuff is qualified and well trained

Our people work for more than 15 years serving Germany's greatest dog breeding organisations. References

4. Successful participation in comparison tests of ISAG (International Society of Animal Genetics).

Certificates of participation in dogs: Rank 1 in 2012Rank 1 in 2014 ; Rank 1 in 2016

5. Permanent proof of reproducability by blind sample submission

This is the most important quality assurance tool. In contrast to a comparison test we don't know that we have a quality control sample to analyse. However, due to our daily quality orientation we are successful in identification of all the blind samples so far.

6. Accreditation for ISO17025

Accreditation has been requested by german authorities and we are on the way to implement the associated paperwork.