ATC data management

Our online platform 'Animal Trust Center' provides an advanced system for ordering as well as working with DNA informations. 

As part of our services we care on correct identity assignment of animals and prevent manipulations of documents by means of electronice signatures. As a result you have unambiguous tamperproof statements established for Internet communication.

3 steps to achieve trust in your animals data:

1. Unequivocal identity profiling. All identity profiles etablished by Generatio result in an animals genetic unquiness. Only monozygotic twins can't be discrimanted since such individuals are genetically indentical by nature. 

2. Scan for genetic matchlessness. Our algorithms recognize if there is an animal in the ATC that have the same genetic identity. This unmatched capability prevents multiple registrations and helps in keeping an animal identity a unique entity. The routine presupposes an unchanged ID marker panel and utilises Generatio's consistently good and reproduceable ID profling capabilities. 

3. Issue of unique result certificates (ATC certificates). The uniqueness of our ID and trait certficates results from an electronic signature that is an integral component of each PDF document.