Samples - GOcard-SC

 1. Introduction
 2. GOcard-SC for Diagnosis & Archives
 3. EDTA blood for Research & Archives
 4. Other Tissue / Special material
5. Recommendation

1. Introduction

Maintaining a high level of quality

For a stable, longterm DNA program, blood has proven to serve as the most reliable sampling substance available. Other material such as hair roots or mucus smears may occasionally serve as samples for DNA analysis but don't offer sufficiently top-level and consistent quality when used as part of a long term and comprehensive deployment.

Diagnosis with GOcard-SC

For purely diagnostic evaluation of specific DNA markers, or to establish a reference data archive, a few single drops of blood on GOcard-SC suffice (see example of GOcard-SC below). If such drops of blood are properly entered on the card, sufficient sampling material is available directly on GOcard-SC for identity and parentage verification as well as sequence-based typification of specific genetic diseases.

Reasearch material

To generate genetic material from animals that are poised to be used in scientific research, at least 3 ml of EDTA fresh blood samples are desirable.

Special material

When taking samples of traces and other special material, the respective circumstances are to be considered with utmost care. Please contact us before taking such samples.

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 2. GOcard-SC

The GOcard-SC is the tool of choice for elementary DNA sampling, used primarily in the early recording of data of complete litters, internationally operated DNA programs, and the archiving of reference material (Archives).


GOcard-SC's most compelling features at a glance:

    * It's versatile (suitable for blood drops, mucus smears, and tissue samples).
    * It's easy to use and handle.
    * It's easy to ship, domestically and internationally: Guides
    * Cost-effective.

Image: Example of GOcard-SC, with sufficient sampling material:

GOcard-SC is most efficiently marked with blood drops as seen in the image above. Your veterinarian will be happy to help you should you decide to use GOcard-SC at your next visit.

DISCLAIMER: Any and all blood or otherwise DNA sampling related work in animals for use in GOcard-SC is at the user's own risk and liability.

To extract blood drops, the GOcard-SC sampling set includes safety blood lancets. For detailed instructions on how to use the lancets please read the GOcard-SC manual. Once the card is marked as seen in the image above, it is highly likely that the lab analysis will be successful.

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 3. EDTA blood / Research and Banking

Should the DNA program you selected require more complex analyses we advise to extract EDTA stabilized fresh blood samples, for which your veterinarian usually has the necessary blood test tubes at hand. Otherwise, you can obtain these either through us purchase them in laboratory supply retail.

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 4. Other Tissue / Special material

Any biological substance can be analyzed for DNA information as long as the respective substance contains a sufficient quantity of DNA molecules. Aside from less complex analyses of standard material such as blood, hair roots, and mucus smears, Generatio also offers solutions in DNA identification based on trace material, bodily remains such as bones and skins, and excrements such as feces. Please contact us so we can help you determine the extent of Generatio's role in your research project.

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 5. Recommendation

Make sure to keep a sufficient amount of blank GOcard-SC's handy based on the number of animals in your stock - this way you're always prepared to record DNA samples, whether it's because you unexpectedly happen to have an assistant available, or because a situation arises during which blood has to be taken anyway. Which particular animal warrants which specific action is often the result of an unanticipated string of events - and having GOcard-SC at hand at all times is the best platform on which to develop your strategy!

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