Animal Breeding

DNA-based information increasingly influences decision-making in animal breeding. How to best generate and evaluate this information depends on a number of factors. If you're interested in learning more about the DNA programs we offer and want to find the right one for you, we would enjoy the opportunity to advise you and help you select the appropriate program(s) for your project.

Custom-taylored DNA programs

The design of your DNA-program includes the selection of each individual animal; extraction, shipping, and storage of DNA samples; and, depending on your defined objective, the appropriate DNA analysis in respect to identity verification, parentage, and characteristics.

From individual animal to breeding associations

Generatio offers long term experience in designing, implementing, and servicing DNA programs. Our experience ranges from servicing a multitude of private animal owners, independent local and regional breeders, as well as some of the largest national and international breeding associations, and includes DNA analysis for a variety of agricultural and food production quality programs.

Information technology

Generatio also has extensive know-how in IT data processing relating to DNA analysis. Our strength in this area is evident in our latest developments and products that are used by breeding associations and other DNA laboratories.

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